Design as a SciencE

We are a design consultancy that studies design and its effect on emotion, perception, and behavior to strategize implementation in meaningful ways

Our Story

Borys and Phong met at boarding school in Boca Raton, Florida. Besides being best friends, Borys and Phong have since founded, joined, and advised multiple startups together - experiencing both success and failure along the way. Combined, they have helped startups and web3 projects raise 7-figure rounds, sell out at mint, and win international awards.

As startup founders, Borys and Phong understand the playbook for product development at an early-stage to reach product market fit. They collaborate with leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs with a product owner mindset to create impactful companies.

The executives

Masters of clinical design

Borys Skowron


B.A. Visual Design, William de Kooning Academy

Partner, Couch Collective  Current

Founder + Design Lead, VS Branding  Current

Head of Design, Aerotrax   2019 - 2023

Weaving the threads of research and design, Borys strives to create stunning and effective visual experiences. Borys prides himself on a research-driven approach to design, always seeking to blend form and function in a way that resonates deeply with the audience.

Phong Nguyen Dang


Lead Designer, Snapchain  ETHSanFrancisco 2022 Finalist

Certified UX Designer, Google

Founder + Chief Product Officer, ZÔ  2021 - 2022

Founder  + Chief Product Officer, Aerotrax   2019 - 2023

A behavioral design scientist with an affinity for creative problem solving. Born and raised in Vietnam before moving to the United States, Phong embodies hard work  and the demand for perfection while championing ingenuity and adaptability.

Yulia Vlasenko

Head of UI/UX Design

Design Mentor, Projector Institute Current

Senior Visual Designer, Kettle  2022 - 2023

Lead Product Designer, Snoonu   2022 - 2022

Yulia is an award-winning interface designer with 6+ years of experience, showcasing a portfolio of over 100 websites and mobile apps for global companies, including Fortune 500. Specializing in interface, website, and app design, Yulia's focus is on creating convenient, functional, and beautiful interfaces that serve both business's needs and the user's goals.

Esteve Reyes

Head of Digital Design + Development

B.A. Visual Design, UVM México

Art Director , Kapital 2022 - 2023

Head of Design at Esteve Reyes Studio Current

Product Designer UI/UX Design Focused | Web Designer | Brand Consultant Expert | Helping Entrepreneurs and Startups how to provide high value for growth into their business.

Olena Popovichenko

Head of Brand Identity Design

6+ Years of Experience in Brand Identity Design

Olena has extensive experience creating unique and effective brand identities for companies of various sizes and industries. Her mission is to create and implement strategies to create visual identities that reflect the brand’s values, mission, and vision. Born and based out of Ukraine.

Striking a balance between form and function

We work with leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs to create transformative brands and solutions that ignite positive change

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